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Vyasan Mukti Kendra

Necessity is the mother of all new beginnings. Similar was the story of Nysaa Wellness Centre. A group of senior counsellor discussing the lack of persona care metal health and improvement of the mind healing treatment facilities.


Nysaa Wellness Centre

There are many Vyasan Mukti Kendra in Pune and other places but there is no comparison to Vyasan Mukti Kendra provided and dealing with Nysaa Wellness. There are different factors and basis on which one can consider them whether they are good or bad, the factors are:

    • a. Providing a safe Environment
    • b. Providing a nurturing environment
    • c. Medical attention 24/7
    • d. Proper care & support
    • e. Overcome the root causes of illness
    • f. Experienced team of Therapists
    • g. experienced team of doctors
    • h. Personalized improvement programme.
    • i. provides confidence

Every Vyasan Mukti Kendra in Pune has some certain objectives and policies like other Vyasan Mukti Kendra at other places in the world.

some of the objectives and policies are:


  • a. Evolution of treatment considering the problem and keeping the module and tune in mind.
  • b. human values
  • c. referring to past experiences

  • Policies:

    CLIENT CENTRIC - where the satisfaction of the client is kept on the top.

    INTEGRITY - to be honest and deals with the issues creating problems.

    COMMITMENT - to follow the statement or words served to the client at the time of commitment.

    TEAMWORK - to work in good coordination with all the members in one group.

    VERSATILITY - respecting the viewpoints coming from different people and places.

    SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - to do welfare of people in terms of their survival.

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    Nysaa Wellness Centre

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    Nysaa Wellness Centre

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    Unit No.2, Swami Sparsh Colony, Raykar Mala Road, Dhayri, Pune (Maharashtra) - 411041

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    Nysaa Wellness Centre !

    We strongly recommend a minimum of 15 days reformation. In this time, you will be treated physically, mentally and emotionally.